Evidence-driven sustainability data

Surface unseen value, identify risks, and make smarter investment decisions with an objective view of product, company and portfolio impact.

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Objective scores, based on academic research

Our AI-driven Evidence Engine maps a company’s products to sustainability topics and frameworks using peer-reviewed academic research as evidence.


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Deeper insights, free from greenwashing.

Avoid unseen risk

Identify and assess unseen impact risks, such as climate change, regulatory changes and reputational risks that may not appear in company disclosures or subjective reports.

Meet growing sustainability demands

Provide robust reporting and clear evidence to meet client, investor and stakeholder demand for sustainable practices and investments. Plus, discover hidden value by mapping a company's revenue to its long-term impact.

Make informed decisions

Get evidence-based insights into a company's performance across known sustainability frameworks to understand long-term value, risks, and competitive position so you can make better-informed decisions.

Get the data that fits your needs.

SDGs for Fixed Income

Through our exclusive partnership with ICE Sustainable Finance, access SDG impact metrics across Fixed Income for all listed public companies globally, allowing you to explore product drivers, changes over time, and peer and sector comparisons.

SDGs for Public Companies

Explore detailed impact metrics – including product drivers, changes over time, and peer and sector comparisons – for more than 50,000 Public Companies across the 17 UN SDGs.

Universal Impact

Get deeper, more customised sustainability data - backed by evidence- across the companies, assets, investments and sustainability frameworks you care about, to enable bespoke and flexible analysis and evaluation.

What sets us apart.


Based on rigorously reviewed scientific evidence, you can trust that your impact data is free of self reporting, opinion and greenwashing claims.


Impact scores are built from peer-reviewed academic research and can be traced back to the research article.


As new information and academic research comes out, our AI driven engine gets smarter, ensuring you have the most up-to-date data on impact.


Util is able to map to most known sustainability and impact frameworks, including the UN-SDG,  SFDR/EU Taxonomy, GRI and TNFD.

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