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Util helps investors align their investments and values.

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Introducing Util

Our unique methodology provides investors evidence-based sustainability data at scale.

We harness machine learning to quantify the real-world impact of 50,000 listed companies. Using our analytics, investors can screen, optimise and build thematic sustainable funds across the global spectrum.

No other sustainability data company does exactly what we do.  


Unlike other data providers, we look at companies' product revenues—not their promises—by evaluating the myriad ways in which their products and services impact the world. Adding a layer of objectivity, our insights are drawn from unbiased, peer-reviewed academic journals.


We analyse 50,000 companies, automatically and uniformly, across every geography and industry. As a result, our analytics can be used by a wide spectrum of investors. For reference, our nearest competitor analyses a universe of around 15,000 companies.


We measure how companies positively and negatively contribute to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as thousands of other sustainability themes. Thanks to its scope, the technology captures the complexity and nuance of company impact.

Why Util

Objectively evaluate the impact of individual products and services.

Evaluate the real-world impact of any listed company, by seeing what percentage of its revenue positively and negatively aligns to any sustainability theme. You can dig into the impact of individual products and services.

Accurately compare the performance of 50,000 companies.

Compare the impact of any company, across any geography, market and industry. We provide side-by-side comparisons of each company’s performance on every sustainability theme.

Benchmark companies against industries.

Benchmark the impact of companies against sector averages for both positive and negative revenue alignment. We also provide ‘leader’ and ‘laggard’ rankings within each sector and for each SDG.

Review a company's historical performance.  

Review the year-on-year evolution, going back five years, of a company or portfolio's positive and negative impact on each sustainability theme. You can also compare a company’s evolution against that of its peers.

Impact Analysis

Want to see our analytics in action? Find out how some of the world’s most famous indexes perform on the SDGs.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

FTSE 100


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