Quantify net company impact.

Our analytics help you maximise your social and environmental investment returns.

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Introducing Util

We use machine learning to automatically quantify the social and environmental impact of 50,000 listed companies.

With our analytics, investors can screen, optimise and build thematic sustainable funds across the global spectrum.

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The challenge

With responsibility for $90 trillion worldwide, investors have enormous power to effect change.

Until now, however, measuring the real-world impact of investments has hinged on a patchy and uncorrelated combination of ratings, research and company disclosures.

Our solution

We built a way to objectively measure, quantify and compare the impact of companies and investment funds.

How we do it

We measure the ‘what’, not the ‘how’, by focusing on the most important thing a company produces: its products and services.

Using machine learning to draw from the latest academic insights, we can identify and quantify the negative and positive impact of a company’s revenue against the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as an additional 2,000 sustainability themes.

The result is an objective view of how every listed company affects the most critical issues facing the world today.

Our universe

product categories

listed equities

17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Why Util?

Evaluate companies in terms of revenue to gain an objective view of their impact. 

Measure companies against the SDGs or any other sustainability theme of your choice. 

Map and compare the net impact of any company and any industry across any geography.